Reviews and Recommendations.

Robbie P.

 "Ordered 10 custom items. Received very quickly and just as requested! Very Happy! Very good prices. So much so I ordered 10 more! Highly recommend!"

Misty D.

 "Just got my Valentine's present, and he loved it! Thanks so much, I would recommend doing this to everyone, it's so thoughtful and they can make you an awesome heartfelt gift!!!! Very well made, super great service! I love my design so much!"

Chris A.

 "Charles is the freaking man!! he was the reason me and my wife had the merriest christmas!! absolutely blows my mind in all he does and I will def recommend him to everyone I know.pure raw talent that blows my mind everyday. I tattoo and study art as a profession so im always knick picking stuff out of respect of course......he is a true game changer!! love everything about him, his page and everything he does. 300000 stars!! can't wait to see what's next for him!!!!"

Erica H.

 "Apart from being a little biased, the concept of Manifest3d Design is ingenious! Using the idea of manifesting what you desire through a 3D printer, it's combined with Life's facet of manifesting what you desire most, starting from nothing and creating something truly incredible! From little trinkets to every day usable items, there's almost nothing that Manifest3d Design can't print!! Use your imagination and see it come to life right before your eyes!!"