Printing Options


What is Infill Percentage?

In 3D printing, the term “infill” refers to the structure that is printed inside an object. It is extruded in a designated percentage and pattern, which is set in the slicing software. Infill percentage and pattern influence print weight, material usage, strength, print time and sometimes decorative properties.

The strength of a design is directly related to infill percentage. A part with 50% infill compared to 25% is typically 25% stronger while a shift from 50% to 75% increases part strength by around 10%


What are your color and material options?

There is a wide variety of color and material options available. 

Including materials infused with real Bamboo, Copper, Steel and even Carbon Fiber.

(Pricing does differ when using higher grade materials. )


What size can you have something printed?

Larger products can be produced in sections and assembled. Items can also be reduced in size for prototyping or preference,

Here is an example, one individual printed a life size Jabba The Hutt using sections. To see that model check out